Monday, 12 February 2018

Ottobre 06-2017-31 "Smarter than Jeans"

The Camo trousers were made to test the pattern

 Cross over belt loops to add interest. Welt pockets rather better than the second pair - typical!! Had to add elastic to get them to fit the waist (and take a couple of cm out of the back crotch curve at the top)

It has some great pleats on the front. I hammered in a jean button for this pair.

The grey ones are for wearing to school.

 Less great welts - but I created a curved waistband so this pair fits better - which would be great if they were for me - but since they are for my son, he will grow out of them quicker (I didn't think of that when being pleased with myself for creating a better fit!!)

This is the same as pattern 21 in the same issue..

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  1. These look really cool. Love the cross tabs at the back!