Saturday, 9 September 2017

Shirts - Mcalls 6044

I have made this shirt 2014 and in 2013 I stated that in the next makes I would.....

  1.  add yoke and back pleat to create more ease across the chest - this I did  (and it worked - as well as using a 1cm seam allowance not 1.5cm seam allowance for the front plackets)
    - So I did this again but made the pleat a little larger
  2. sew the long sleeve version
    This time I did do this - the long sleeve is a two piece sleeve which I may have managed to put on back-to-front...the split is wide so we decided to make this a cuff-link only shirt which holds the sleeves together better
  3. Use David Coffin's book to use a different collar application method
    YES!  and  I also used this tutorial and also Male Pattern Boldness
  4. Cut the buttonhole piece on the cross grain for variety 
    Yes - and again this works well

    I also made it a button down collar.

    Somehow I managed to sew the sleeve on backwards - (so the left sleeve is in the right arm...).... however it is still a wearable shirt.

    Second shirt (or 4th if you are counting the previous versions)

    The next shirt needs a placket sleeve (tower placket) - I turned the two piece sleeve back into a one piece sleeve and used the tutorial  on Off The Cuff to create a tower/ house sleeve placket. This fabric was thinner, and horrible to work with compared with the fabric I had used for the previous shirt. The sleeves could also do with being longer - how can that be when one the previous shirt they fit? 

    This shirt also has a button down collar - but with white buttons

    So although neither of these shirts are "perfect" I have now made my husband 2 shirts...this year (finally)......and I will lengthen the sleeve pattern and make a couple more by the end of the year.....lots of stash fabric to use up! 



  1. These shirts look fantastic! How strange that the second shirt sleeves are too short when they are OK on all previous versions.
    The first multi-coloured strip shirt looks like a Paul Smith one!

  2. That would be because it's ex Paul smith fabric from croft mill :) got 3 more pieces in different colours to use up...