Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Grainline Maritime shorts

I was given the Grainline Studios Maritime Shorts pattern as a Christmas/Birthday present - as a kit including fabric. I decided to test the pattern before cutting into my nice fabric....

Version 1 - done as per pattern - but had to add darts in the back to accommodate my swayback

 Version 2 - removed 1cm from back of waistband, removed 1" wedge from CB of shorts - much better fit BUT modifications resulted in the back rise being too low...

Also made pockets in the way Jalie jeans pockets are done rather than trying to sew concave and convex curves together AND used two pieces of lining fabric

Version 3
added wedges along back to increase rise - slash and spread method
removed a 1/2" wedge from back waistband

Version 4 - added 4" to length to reduce the "booty" nature of the shorts. - need to remove a wedge from the back as getting strange bubbles in fabric after all my modifications. The longer length and mustard colour does not suit me
I need to do another modification and test before cutting into the present fabric.

I LOVE the size of the pockets on this and will use them from my Jalie jeans from now on.


  1. Such a lot of work to find the right fit. Some of these look great though! I have the Grainline Maritime shorts and I have been putting off making them myself for fear of fitting issues! Maybe I need to just get on with it!

    1. Definitely worth breaking the pattern out of the packet and just going for it :)