Thursday, 17 January 2019

Sewing & Blogging

 Let's kick off the new year with a swim costume! The lovely Jalie 3134 - made with left over fabrics from activewear sewn last year (and not blogged)

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Dressing gown / Bath Robe

I used the smallest adult / teenager size for my son who is actually between  the "large" child and "XS" Adult. It is far too big for him - but he wanted it to reach his ankle and have long sleeves. I think he looks like an extra at a Harry Potter film... but whatever keeps the teenager happy eh?  I think he needs to roll his sleeves up 8" (or chop them and re-hem them).... which is actually what it looks like the women on the pattern envelope has done - rolled up her sleeves (I originally thought it was a separate cuff piece - but no... just sleeves that are too long and rolled up)

It is a quick sew - even with hand stitching the facing down.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Ottobre 05-2015-06 which is basically the same as 05-2015-01

"Twig Dress" and "An ordinary Day" dress pattern 01 and 06

I love Ottobre patterns - the fit is good and the drafting is good. This is pattern 1 in the magazine and pattern 6... pattern 1is the plain dress and pattern 6 has all the cutting lines marked for the colour block version.

This dress (with pockets!!) has been made from old T-shirts from the sleepovers at The British Museum. It is fairly short - AND I added length to it, so it will need to be worn over leggings.
Made earlier this year... finally blogged!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Catch up - World Book Day 1st March

Simplicity 5512 - Used the long flowing sleeve pattern and the hat pattern. Although this only goes up to age 8 the cloak is so huge it can be used for adults..... the hat on the other hand needed a section inserted into the back to make it fit!

I was really pleased with the hand stitching to get the curve in the hat.

Obviously I would love to say I had made this out of the old grey bedsheets that I had been saving in the attic for months - but I recycle them about 3 week prior to being asked "oh can I be Gandalf for World book day?"


Another costume into the dressing-up box....

Monday, 12 February 2018

Ottobre 06-2017-31 "Smarter than Jeans"

The Camo trousers were made to test the pattern

 Cross over belt loops to add interest. Welt pockets rather better than the second pair - typical!! Had to add elastic to get them to fit the waist (and take a couple of cm out of the back crotch curve at the top)

It has some great pleats on the front. I hammered in a jean button for this pair.

The grey ones are for wearing to school.

 Less great welts - but I created a curved waistband so this pair fits better - which would be great if they were for me - but since they are for my son, he will grow out of them quicker (I didn't think of that when being pleased with myself for creating a better fit!!)

This is the same as pattern 21 in the same issue..

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

First make of 2018 ... goals for the year

My first make of 2018

A New Look 6935 which I was supposed to make in time to wear at Christmas ... at least I am ready for next Christmas now!?
It is not the best make as I was tired and rushed it a bit - as I just wanted it of the "To Do" list!

Looking back:

2017 Goals

Make Nine Me:

1. Jeans - complete May 2017 Jalie 2908
2. Gabriola - peacock - completed April 2017

3. Gabriola - birds - completed as dress June 2017
4. Racerback bra
5. Coat
6. Shorts from Christmas kit - Made 4 pairs
7. T-shirts - COmpleted Nov 2017
8 Activewear - steeplechase Completed Nov 17
9 Dress Completed Dec 17

Make Nine - menfolk:

1. Shirt for H complete August 2017

2 Birthday Tee for J - complete May 2017 - Dressing gown instead!
3 Birthday Tee for O complete September 2017
4 Birthday Tee for L (complete)
5 Backpack for O- completed may 2017
6 Cycling shirt for O (complete March 2017)
7 Trousers for J x2 - 1 pair done March 2017

8 Smart Shirt for L
9 Fleece for L - (complete APril 2017)
I am really pleased that I completed 15 out of 18 goals.  So.... for 2018:

Make Nine Me:

1. Lingerie - knickers
2. Lingerie - bras inc Racerback
3. Activewear
4. Coat - use coat fabrics from stash!
5. Skirt
6. Use craftsy class to make better jeans/shorts
7. Dress
8 Cardigan - Jenna
9.T-shirts (use up stash)

Make Nine - menfolk

1. School trousers for O
2. Smart shirt for L
3. Shirt for Husband
4. Shirt for Husband
5. Bomber for J
6. Dressing gown for L

Final make of 2017

Ottobre 04-2008-30 with no cuffs but extended sleeves as a T-shirt not a jumper.

The final make of 2017 and the first on my new sewing machine!