For 2017


For 2016:

I was really pleased that I stuck to my plan in 2015 - I just ran out of time to make a BIG coat project at the end of the year - I hardly sewed at all for the boys BUT I did get through my plan.

1. Select 12 patterns to sew or get rid of by the end of the year (stash is nearly 50 patterns)

2. SWAP (again)
3. Finish outstanding to do pile - T-shirts for boys! Completed

1. Lingerie Completed Nov 2016

2. Dress Completed July 2016 made B6066
3. Skirt Complete May 2016 - made Simplicity 2314
4. Cardigan Completed April 2016 - made M7026
5. Top Completed Feb 2016 - made 2x K1202..
6. Jeans
7. Coat COmpleted
8. Activewear - running Completed Jan 2016 - running top x1, running skirt/leggings x2
9. Activewear - swimming Completed May 2016
10. Top Complete Feb 2016
11. Skirt   Completed May 2016 - made second Simplicity 2314

12. Dress     Completed July 2016            

For 2015

30th Jan:
Last year I started  running and sewing some of my own running kit. The running has meant that I have become fit (and can keep up with the children - horray!), and have lost LOTS of weight (double horray!!)....but now I need a complete wardrobe.

I sat down and looked at the plans for the year and came up with FIVE goals:

1. Black tie outfit for event in May Garments completed in time for Christmas event!
2. Summer dress outfit for wedding in July (guest) Completed 10th July 2015
3. Reduce the Stash (fabric and patterns) - 38 patterns, 8 boxes of fabric, 3 boxes of yarn!!!
4. Complete To Do list for boys (2x PJ's each plus 4 Tees for J) Completed 30th Jan 2015 :-)
5. SWAP wardrobe - a complete wardrobe.

I really wanted to clear the decks before I started anything new, so one goal was to finish the urgent "To Do" from 2014... which I managed today.

SWAP - sewing with a's the plan

1. 2 sets of lingerie (one white, one coloured)
              Completed white set May 2015

               Completed black set August 2015
2. Dress Completed Anna Dress in brown - Feb 2015

3. Dress Completed Traveler Dress  - Feb 2015 - This was then cut up into a skirt in June - but another dress was made in July.
4, Knitted cardigan (actually knitting not sewing!) Cast on March 2015 completed July  2015
5. Skirt Completed green bustle skirt- Feb 2015
6. Skirt Completed Gabriola skirt -  March 2015

7. Top Completed 3 x M4261 - March 2015

8. Top Completed 3x Kimono T-shirts - March 2015

9. Top So far 6 tops made - March 2015
10. Sewn cardigan / jacket  Completed September 2015

11. Black tie dress Completed November 2015

12. Black tie jacket / bolero etc Completed December 2015
13. Activewear Completed June 2015 - Jalie 2796 running skort x 2

14. Coat

It would be great to achieve this list once, twice would be brilliant!!

Added to that I want to sew at least 2 smart shirts for J - birthday/anniversary/valentines/Christmas  - missed most of these only Christmas left!

For 2014

I have been thinking about my "To Do" list for 2014. I have spent lots of time thinking about it - probably should have been sewing or knitting instead...

The  more I thought the more I realised that I wanted to:
1. Sew from stash - reduce the stash by 2 boxes!
2. Knit from stash
3. Use stash patterns
4. Use patterns from books and magazines from stash
5. Complete my green coat Completed April 2014

Then I thought about the other things I wanted to do:
Lingerie - sewing a variety of different knickers patterns Completed July 2014 - used ALL my knickers patterns from stash!
Lingerie - making matching sets (2 knickers to each bra) - August 2014 -both sets complete :-)
Sew the crafty class dress
Perfect a shirt pattern for my husband.

I thought about the pattern review contests:
Mini wardrobe
Pattern Stash
Fabric Stash
Vintage pattern

SO my goals for 2014 are:

1. Complete green coat AND then make a second coat to reinforce all the new skills learnt.
April 2014 - completed green coat :-)
2. Sew / Knit at least 8 things  from the book/ magazine stash
1. April 2014 - finished socks from "Getting started Knitting Socks" -  I HAVE used the book before but not that pattern.
2. April 2014 - made "Rose" bag from Making Vintage Bags by Emma Brennan
3. April 2014 - made "Dorothy" bag from Making Vintage Bags by Emma Brennan
4.July 2014 - made "Ruffled Hobo" bag from Sew Serendipity Bag by Kay Whitt
5. June 2014 - starting knitting socks from ??? (tbc)
6. Aug/Sept - used the Kwik Sew Master Pattern Book - sports bra & knickers
3. Adapt the shirt pattern to get a better fit for J
May 2014 - adapted 6044 to include back yoke and pleat - much better fit. Now to redraft collar so it fits properly (since my adaptions to the front means the collar needs to be 2cm longer...)
4. Lingerie - test knicker patterns and then make at least 2 sets
August 2014 - one set complete - so pleased I have put it on hangers rather than crumple it into the underwear drawer!!
August 2014 - both sets now complete (bird set and red set)
My top "throw it into the ring" goal will be coat making........
All of these are based around using up what I have