Sunday, 17 June 2018

Catch up - World Book Day 1st March

Simplicity 5512 - Used the long flowing sleeve pattern and the hat pattern. Although this only goes up to age 8 the cloak is so huge it can be used for adults..... the hat on the other hand needed a section inserted into the back to make it fit!

I was really pleased with the hand stitching to get the curve in the hat.

Obviously I would love to say I had made this out of the old grey bedsheets that I had been saving in the attic for months - but I recycle them about 3 week prior to being asked "oh can I be Gandalf for World book day?"


Another costume into the dressing-up box....

Monday, 12 February 2018

Ottobre 06-2017-31 "Smarter than Jeans"

The Camo trousers were made to test the pattern

 Cross over belt loops to add interest. Welt pockets rather better than the second pair - typical!! Had to add elastic to get them to fit the waist (and take a couple of cm out of the back crotch curve at the top)

It has some great pleats on the front. I hammered in a jean button for this pair.

The grey ones are for wearing to school.

 Less great welts - but I created a curved waistband so this pair fits better - which would be great if they were for me - but since they are for my son, he will grow out of them quicker (I didn't think of that when being pleased with myself for creating a better fit!!)

This is the same as pattern 21 in the same issue..

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

First make of 2018 ... goals for the year

My first make of 2018

A New Look 6935 which I was supposed to make in time to wear at Christmas ... at least I am ready for next Christmas now!?
It is not the best make as I was tired and rushed it a bit - as I just wanted it of the "To Do" list!

Looking back:

2017 Goals

Make Nine Me:

1. Jeans - complete May 2017 Jalie 2908
2. Gabriola - peacock - completed April 2017

3. Gabriola - birds - completed as dress June 2017
4. Racerback bra
5. Coat
6. Shorts from Christmas kit - Made 4 pairs
7. T-shirts - COmpleted Nov 2017
8 Activewear - steeplechase Completed Nov 17
9 Dress Completed Dec 17

Make Nine - menfolk:

1. Shirt for H complete August 2017

2 Birthday Tee for J - complete May 2017 - Dressing gown instead!
3 Birthday Tee for O complete September 2017
4 Birthday Tee for L (complete)
5 Backpack for O- completed may 2017
6 Cycling shirt for O (complete March 2017)
7 Trousers for J x2 - 1 pair done March 2017

8 Smart Shirt for L
9 Fleece for L - (complete APril 2017)
I am really pleased that I completed 15 out of 18 goals.  So.... for 2018:

Make Nine Me:

1. Lingerie - knickers
2. Lingerie - bras inc Racerback
3. Activewear
4. Coat - use coat fabrics from stash!
5. Skirt
6. Use craftsy class to make better jeans/shorts
7. Dress
8 Cardigan - Jenna
9.T-shirts (use up stash)

Make Nine - menfolk

1. School trousers for O
2. Smart shirt for L
3. Shirt for Husband
4. Shirt for Husband
5. Bomber for J
6. Dressing gown for L

Final make of 2017

Ottobre 04-2008-30 with no cuffs but extended sleeves as a T-shirt not a jumper.

The final make of 2017 and the first on my new sewing machine!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

T-shirts for Boys as Christmas Presents

Ottobre CW301 - literally the best T-shirt pattern for Children, which I have used a gazillion times. Made once for a Star Wars  fan

 Ottobre Creative Workshop 301 - made in November for a friend

Ottobre 04/2008/30 Made as a T-shirt not a jumper. Needs longer sleeves since I did not use the cuffs

My adapted Ottobre 01/2016/11

Thursday, 28 December 2017

SImplicity Project Runway 2248

Although I have made this dress before I clearly forgot to transfer my pattern adjustments onto the tissue pattern.... I had to take the bodice in rather a lot in order to get it to fit.

The fabric really needs to have more drape in order for the pleats to work well and not give the impression of being pregnant!

I do love this fabric which I bought in January and have finally used! Such a good design to use with a border print

I used a different back this time - which needs to be taken in at the top of the shoulders.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Activewear - Fehrtrade Steeplechase and Ottobre

I turned to the trust Ottonre to make a skin for my youngest. I used the same pattern as earlier in the year - but added 2" in length!

I made a toile pair of steeplechase leggings earlier in the year, which after a run in them I knew needed adjustment. I removed a section from the back curve... and then used fabulous Funkifabrics fabric to made a pair

Next I will make them combined with the Jalie skort pattern(worn above during a 5K morun)