Sunday, 17 June 2018

Catch up - World Book Day 1st March

Simplicity 5512 - Used the long flowing sleeve pattern and the hat pattern. Although this only goes up to age 8 the cloak is so huge it can be used for adults..... the hat on the other hand needed a section inserted into the back to make it fit!

I was really pleased with the hand stitching to get the curve in the hat.

Obviously I would love to say I had made this out of the old grey bedsheets that I had been saving in the attic for months - but I recycle them about 3 week prior to being asked "oh can I be Gandalf for World book day?"


Another costume into the dressing-up box....


  1. This is amazing. I especially love the plait detailing in the beard!

    1. Thanks - the beard is amazing but I can’t claim credit for that as my husband ordered it from eBay as a surprise to help me finish