Monday, 5 June 2017


 A simple coin purse with hand and machine embroidery

Three toiletry bags with waterproof linings. The waterproof lining was made using Lamifix - I might have had it roasting in the attic for too long as it really did not work well and gave the fabric a horrible feel and sound. It irons on but.. when turning the bags through the Lamifix appears to be pulling away from the lining fabrics.



  1. Wowzers!! The colours and patterns are so fun. What a lovely collection of bags. I particularly like the machine embroidered felt coin purse - such a pretty range of colours!

    1. It does look like felt but actually it is hand dyed calico - I dyed it using a variety of techniques :-) The other side is printed calico that I printed during a demonstration to learners.