Sunday, 7 May 2017

Making a 7 year old happy ... the best way to spend sewing time?

I first used this wonderful Butterick pattern B6072 to make a backpack in October last year, the moment I finished it my youngest asked for one of his own. I found the perfect fabric and bought it, then left it in the stash while I did other things....

Finally it was time to make it.

I made similar adjustments to last time.

I sewed on a badge from his favourite surfing shop

I added adjustable straps using fabric, padding, webbing and ladder lock clips.

I used the last scrap of waterproof fabric from the stash to make a waterproof lining (so he can use it for swim kit)

 I made one of the side pockets gathered with gathering at the bottom and elastic at the top so that a water bottle can be put into it (for Hockey and Football)

I had to use clips to hold all of the layers together! Pelmet vilene used to stiffen the front and back (I prefer fusible volume fleece but did not have any left in the stash!)

Put in a magnetic closure for the front pocket not a velcro one (velcro just attracts grass and sand and then stops working)

 Stands by itself
 Added a swivel clip for bike lock keys
 Created a double ended zipper
 pocket on the inside (as per the pattern)


Get a open ended zipper (x2) cut off the ends - thread the zipper pull from one onto the other.

Sew both ends shut

Add a fabric "stop" to the ends
 Insert into the backpack gusset in the normal way

And done! It took less than a day to do - cut out one evening & most construction - final construction the next morning... as usual... why did I leave it so long to do?

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