Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Jeans & Me Made May - Jalie 2908

 I traced off what I thought would be my size - blending between sizes... and this is the least dreadful photo of a very very tight pair of toile shorts.....

I then traced off a larger size (with no reduction for the waist despite my measurements being 2 sizes smaller at the waist than at my hips)

I sewed it up...

even installed rivets

I amended the pocket piece to fold in half AND I french seamed the bottom

Since I did not reduce the size at the waist .. and I have a sway back.. I am going to need to add elastic at the back to hold the waistband close to me! I have amended the yoke pattern piece for the next pair.

I also amended the waistband - drafting a curved waistband instead (NOT on the bias).. as the bias one in the toile was dreadful!

 Unfortunately my friend who helped me to hem them... hemmed them too short....rather annoying! BUT these are totally wearable jeans and I am thrilled with them.

Part the way through Me Made May I decided I did not need to record when I wore Me Made as I do that every day... I needed to note when I didn't  wear Me Made and what was I wearing then? JEANS.... definitely jeans..... so I challenged myself to make a pair before the end of May....Horray - DONE

and the next pair with the yoke mode is being cut out tonight.

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  1. Well done for sewing your own jeans that is so amazing!