Saturday, 29 April 2017

Fleece Jacket

Ottobre 01/2009/38

I made the same size as before (which is slightly too big for the middle boy - but he will grown into it, and he has happily been wearing the yellow one which was for his older brother). This time we wanted zip up pockets so that things would not fall out of the pockets (especially when cycling to and from school).  I left off the entirely pointless tiny microscopic pockets from the front and just inserted in-seam pockets with zips into the seam of the front side panel and the center front panel.

I also added reflective tape to the sleeves (to help drivers notice when he is signaling to turn!)

He loves it and has already covered it in chain oil so it is now awaiting a scrub!!

I also used the hood to seal off the top of the zip and ensure that was not rough against the skin - wrapping it around the top to for the hem of the hood around the top of the zipper tape.

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  1. This looks great. I think the reflective tape is a genius idea - practical and stylish too!