Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Jeans - Desert Denim Ottobre 01/2014/37

Desert Denim Jeans - size 146.

These are really much more form fitting than I expected - could have gone up a size as my son wanted a more relaxed fit. Might have to try a different pattern entirely maybe a Burda or Jalie one in order to get the fit that he wants.

The pattern is well drafted, I particularly like the decorative tucks on the back pockets.  I did not like the tabs on back - well I thought my son would not.

To follow the Ottobre instructions you need the instructions for pattern 37 & pattern 34. Pattern 34 is for a girl and 37 for a boy, so the fly front instructions need reversing. I have put in lots of fly zips, but instead of using my standard method I decided to try out the Ottobre method - I gave up as there were no visuals.. and I just could not get my head around it! By that point it was too late to use my usual method so I downloaded the instructions for Jalie No 2107 and followed their diagrams and instructions for putting in a fly front - that worked well and I actually liked that method - I am pleased I tried something different rather than sticking in my comfort zone.

I added adjustable elastic to the back waistband to prevent gaping - I would adjust the waistband piece to be shaped if I were to make this again.

I might make this again for the younger boys - but this was really a toile for the eldest and I don't think he was blown away... so a baggier/relaxed fit pattern

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  1. These look great. Very professional looking. The pocket detail tucks are really interesting and I think elevate this from an ordinary pair of jeans into something a bit special. Great work!