Sunday, 26 February 2017

Emergency Birthday present - because shops are rubbish!

A birthday party to go to at the weekend .. and the little girl is horse mad.... shopping did not find a thing! So trusty Ottobre to the rescue....

Ottobre 01-2014-28 a pattern I have used before - and the same size in fact - bonus.

Only two pieces so I was able to cut it and start construction one night, and then finish it in the morning. I applied the neck and armhole bind as per the instructions - using a twin needle to finish it.

Pretty pleased with the result - just hope that it fits AND she likes it!!

Obviously again I did NOT cut the front on the bias as this has a directional print...

I've been working on some jeans for my eldest - so it felt good to have a break and whip out a quick garment!

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  1. Wow. This is sooooooo much better than a shop-bought gift. I think she will love it!