Sunday, 9 October 2016

Fleece jacket for the beach - Ottobre to the rescue again

Ottobre 01-2009-38

I added reflective tape to the back... I did not add in all the contrast panels etc as this was just supposed to be a quick easy fleece to wear on the beach after being in the water.. something to keep him warm... something that would get covered in sand and ruined quickly..

 However he liked it so much he wore it on his bike cycling to school ... be safe be seen! However I used an old zip from someone's stash so v v old ... and unfortunately it is difficult to use... so I will have to unpick it and put in a new chunky zipper!!
 Don't be fooled by the picture in the magazine of roomy pockets:

(My hands are basically the same size as my son's!!). I added in pockets to the seam between the front side and centre front panels so that there are usable pockets in this pattern!

I did not line this as it is quick a fleece jacket - thus making the construction fast.

Then I found some fleece left in the stash to sew up three hats for wearing on the beach!

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