Thursday, 27 October 2016

Butterick B6072 Backpack view D

I wanted to make a backpack - and various searches on the web led me to this pattern..

I used This You Tube video to create a two way zip for my bag.

I made some changes to the pattern:

The straps in the pattern are fabric with no adjustment possible. I added webbing and some sliders (a bit like making a bra strap). This has not worked well as the metal slider is too smooth and does not hold the webbing - however I have now sourced some ladder lock clips and can change this (or do it better for my next backpack). The straps are also padded

I added a hanging loop with swivel clip on the inside for keys etc

I used a magnetic closure rather than velcro for the outside front pocket

I used fusible volume fleece and bag stiffener to give the backpack a bit of body

I double the width of the side pocket piece and then gathered it to fit at the base and added elastic at the top to make a more usable side pocket.

I love this bag! Just the right side - room for improvement. But since my youngest has asked for one for himself ... I can improve on the next bag!

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