Saturday, 20 August 2016

Sun hat for a boy

 Sun hat modeled by my tailors ham... hoping it fits the 9 year old it was actually sewn for (since it fits my head!)
The pattern came from Children's Sun Hats published by Search Press. Unfortnately all the patterns need to be enlarged by 200% - but are not laid out in such a way as to make this easier on a photocopier, and there are no grid lines marked for doing it by hand. IT was a total pain to photocopy as each page had to be photocopied 3 times to get all of the pieces enlarged.

The "templates" are not graded in the normal way (just a bit added to one side rather than all the way around a circle in order to go up sizes). There are no pattern markings (fold lines, notches etc). I do not know about the fit yet - waiting to find that out.

The photos are OK for construction but then I have made plenty of hats in the past. I might make another pattern from this book before I review it properly... they are a few basic patterns with ideas on how to modify them (some good recycling ideas)... but I am blown away by it. The large size hats will fit me - some I might make the one on the cover for myself though!

Part of the problem with this hat is the cheap fabric I used to make it - at least it is out of the stash now though!!

I missed Kids Clothes Week for various reasons BUT I had asked the boys what they wanted. So I am working through the list now. If this fits - this is the first thing I can cross off the list! I am aiming to make something for each child so that I have met my own KCW this week!

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