Thursday, 4 August 2016

Burda Mag PJ Bottoms

I made the short version (12-2007-126) and now I have completed the full length version (12-2007-127):
 Love the flat front and darts
 Need to adjust the back curve though...


  1. I made a pair of these not too long ago, but my version were so much baggier than yours which fit you really well, Would you mind sharing if you used the size that corresponds to your hip measurement or if you sized down and what type of fabric you used. It could just be that I made these out of knit and should have downsized because of the fabric. I, too, love this pattern. I want to make it again in a woven but am on the fence about whether to retrace the smaller size.

    1. I was between two sizes so made the smaller size in a mystery cotton .. I would use a soft cotton if using a woven :)

    2. Thank you! That helps a lot. I think I put in a little "insurance" for comfort's sake since they are, after all, PJ's but I would have been better off with the standard size and maybe even used a little larger seam allowances with the knit as they are really baggy. I'll have to try again after we get moved. I'm glad yours turned out so well.