Saturday, 28 May 2016

Ottobre 03-2016-24 Shirt - "Starfish"... or in my case "seahorses and octupus"

Finally a shirt for L

 This shirt was made from a bit of fabric from SoZo left over from a dress.... just enough for the shirt - every scrap used up!

The fabric has seahorses and octupus on it - similar to the Starfish on the shirt in magazine

I used the 128 size but my boys are all very long in the back so I needed 140 length....
Don't like the way the buttons bands are put on and I would change this to my usual fold back the wrong way and then stitch and turn back for a clean edge finish next time. 
I love the detail - though it REALLY added to the time - this was 4 hours 45 minutes of KCW challenge!!


  1. The details make it a really special shirt, and I'm amazed that you got all those pieces out of such a small piece of fabric! I'm really pleased that you could make use of it though, and you barely wasted any time! xxx