Monday, 30 May 2016

Kids Clothes Week - Denim vest / Waistcoat

Second garment of kids clothes week 5 1/4 hours to create:

The pocket construction is odd and needs carefully marking up.

Make a size larger than measurements. Also longer (this was 110 length 128 - could have made 116 length 134)

Bernina jeans foot was perfect for this.

O loves so job done :-)


  1. Wow! Very stylish denim jacket. I really love it:)Well done.

  2. This completely incredible!!!! When I saw the pieces cut out on IG, I had assumed they were going to be jeans! It really is beyond cool xxx

    1. Thanks - my youngest is so thrilled with it that he actually put it on a hanger when he took it off tonight - unheard of 😆
      Pretty pleased with it ... Next stop jeans .......maybe?