Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Goals update end of May 2016

Update after 5 months

For 2016:

1. Select 12 patterns to sew or get rid of by the end of the year (stash is nearly 50 patterns)

  • Lisette K2209
  • Simplicity K2444
  • Simplicity K1913
  • Simplicity K1699 
  • Butterick 6066
  • Simplicity 4277
  • New Look K6107
  • Simple Sews 015 Toile made - BIN pattern
  • New Look K6231
  • Simplicity K1202 Made x 2 Feb 2016
  • Simplicity 2357 - bags
  • Kwik Sew 3815 - bodywarmer  Made May 2016

 2. SWAP (again)
3. Finish outstanding to do pile - T-shirts for boys!  Complete Jan 2016

1. Lingerie
2. Dress
3. Skirt Completed in May 2016
4. Cardigan Completed in April 2016
5. Top  Completed 7 tops in Feb 2016
6. Jeans
7. Coat
8. Activewear - running Completed Jan 2016 - running top x1, running skirt/leggings x2
9. Activewear - swimming Completed May 2016
10. Top  Completed 7 tops in Feb 2016
11. Skirt Completed May 2016
12. Dress
I gave myself 12 garments/things to make in 2016 - so at least one per month. 

AT the end of January I had achieved one of the SWAP - No 8 activewear. I made two sets of fleece lined leggings/skirt and a running top!

At the end of Feb I had achieved the tops that were on the SWAP using a pattern from the pattern stash pile. 

March - nothing

April - I made the cardigan from the swap - which had been cut out and waiting for months!

May - I made a skirt using stash fabric and a pattern I bought in February, I also used a pattern stash pattern to make a fleece jacket for J, made 3 skirts in total and ticked swimwear off the list. I have used 7 patterns from the pattern stash so far this year... AND I sewed for the boys... feeling much more on top of things now.

Me Made May - I need to make some trousers and jeans. I also need to make some plain tops/skirts to mix and match with all my mad patterns.


  1. What a great idea to have a list you can check off as you go. Very organised. I may need to do this now I have analysed my MMM2016 findings and plan for the next six months ahead!

    1. Thanks - I find it keeps me marginally on track :-)