Friday, 8 April 2016

Running kit for boys

 L has his first running race in May- it is only 1.5miles and he is super excited about it. The race has a theme...Superheros. We ordered some fabric superhero fabric from Funkifabrics and I made this set for him. The shorts have the letters appliqued on.

The top is good old Ottobre Creative Workshop 301 (in size 128). I have used that pattern so much. I made the slightly fitted view A as this is for running in.

The shorts are the first time I have used the Jalie pattern - so glad to get that out of the "not yet used despite having owned it for several years" pattern stash pile!. I traced the pattern, made a toile and then ,made the shorts with applique in an afternoon (while also doing other things) so they really really are super quick to make. The sizing fits the measurements perfectly.

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