Monday, 14 March 2016

Sewing catch up

Recently I have whipped up a cushion cover (using fabric which was given to me):

Made a couple of Anya Bags - Firstly using fabrics from a charity sales table. I used fusible volume fleece to pad out the quilting cottons - so the pleats don't hang properly- but still I thought a bit of a fun bag!

 This was made as per THE PATTERN FOR £5 designed by Zoe from So Zo. The pattern prints out quickly and goes together quickly - would go together even quicker if I had not faffed about adding volume fleece! It is a very good size.
I missed a zip though .. so for my second version I used some "failed skirt fabric" (OH that fabric was HORRIBLE to work with - nasty static, yuk).. anyway it made a great bag. Well it would be a much better bag if I had not become so fed up with the fabric that I rushed to finish. I used a zip which was too short and though " Oh I will just add fabric at the end" - then managed to make that too short too! - so basically totally messed up the zip - even though I have put zips into bags lots of times!

The brown bag has a zip in it.

I added the zip between the "lining yoke" (which I cut with the shell fabric and the main lining. This is what I did when I added a zip to the Buttercup bag  (by Made By Rae). I prefer the size of the Anya for use as a handbag and the Buttercup as an evening bag (I have the smaller free version of the Buttercup Bag pattern)

I have bought a zip of the correct length in order to make version 3 - because I do love this pattern! I might add an internal pocket as well.   The Anya bag pattern is great because it does not involve taping together lots of sheets of paper (which I hate) and it can be made really quickly. The size is good too!. 

And made a Mothering Sunday gift of a Japanese Wrap Apron using This FREE pattern as a starting point. I had to shorten it (and also make it a tiny bit narrower to fit onto the one meter of fabric that I had!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pattern image for this apron! I can see an adaptation into a vest too... hmm, ideas...