Thursday, 21 January 2016

Jalie 2796 with help from Ohhh Lulu 1511 Hilda and M7026 leggings

 I have made the combination of Jalie 2796 and M7026 leggings before but I wanted to add in the crotch gusset from Ohhh Lulu Hilda... so I made a toile in some cheap fabric and then went for a run to test them out.

They worked well - so it was full speed ahead with a fleece lined lycra fabric for the leggings and some normal running lycra for the rest ...

Reflective tape on the sides

Cotton gussets piece from the inside

Lovely and warm on a frosty morning - so now I am off to make another pair.


  1. I LOVE em! I think I want to to the exact same thing now!