Tuesday, 26 January 2016


 So after the sucess of my last fleece leggings I decided to make another pair.. but this time with reflective tape on the legs. I have done this before and it worked really well...... so did I get the leggings I had already made and check the placement... or did I just plonk the tape down without much thought???!!

Went out for a 8 and a half minute run with my son, which was more than long enough for me to realise I had just made a straight jacket for my knees. So then I had to sit and unpick the tape from across my knees:

Luckily they now perform perfectly! As usual used FOE for the tops of the pockets which prevent the phone from bouncing out. I also found that the yellow fabric I used for the waistband has a little too much stretch and I need to take it in a bit - next time use the firmer activewear lycra for the waist.

After that I made the Surf to Summit Top which I ordered and downloaded on 30th Jan 2015!!! I made a toile with short sleeves (which I forgot to photograph). Then made a long sleeve top. This is the most basic top as suggested in the instructions - iron out any amendments needed before tackling any of the other designs. The sleeves need to be an inch shorter.

LOVE the top. Don't love the fact I decided to top stitch the neckline AND used the firmer fabric as a facing so it is hard to get on... next time.. changes try the zip up top!! Good length.

Now to make some tops to wear to work rather than wear while running or cycling!


  1. Would sure like to see more people putting reflective tape on their clothes! Can't believe how many people are out after dark wearing black or denim and darting across the streets in the middle of the block etc. Maybe we could start a campaign. Happy trails Canary

  2. Very flattering shaped pattern, congratulations !