Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas sewing

So instead of sewing things:
a) from my list of things I need
b) the list of things the boys have asked me for

I got distracted with some Christmas sewing:

The first item was actually for my youngest. I had bought a cheap Christmas apron from Aldi and he wanted one too... so I used two Aldi tea towels AND a pattern which has been in my stash for years to make this:
 I don't really need a pattern to make this type of apron (I bought the pattern to make view C (a painting apron with sleeves for children)... but I never got around to making it!

Love the facing at the top.
 And youngest son loves the apron - so a result!

Then I moved onto making Christmas presents for various people using a pattern I had been meaning to try since a billion years ago!

The free red velvet mini clutch , a great bag. It works better in a plain fabric (I think) because then the pleat decoration really stands out. The busy print hides the pleats.

I made the Free Buttercup Bag 2 years ago, and ever since then have been meaning to try it with a zip. After wasting lots of time surfing the internet looking up something I could have worked out myself... I just added a facing to the lining, then put a zip in between the lining and the facing. Fab!

Free patterns and busting a pattern from the stash - good job I say... now best get on with making those PJ's I promised the boys for Christmas....

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