Monday, 30 November 2015

Vogue V2958 - view C

Back at the beginning of  the year I decided I would make Vogue 2958 to wear to a Black Tie event in May.

I made a toile - and  colleague taught me  how to bone the bodice.

The adjustments needed were marked on the toile (take out part of back strap, take in at sides, reduce length of straps etc)

Then I cut into my lining and made a padded bra underwired bra section to the bodice.

Then I cut my silk fabric and underlined the bodice with butter muslin and the skirt section with organza. 

Then the dress was assembled fairly quickly ..until it reached the hemming stage. The hem could not possibly be done in time to wear out to the event on 25th May.... it needed to hang, I needed to wear it and someone else needed to pin it.  It hung in this state for a few months before a visit to my mum meant that the initial pinning was done.

Then it hung for a few more months before I hemmed the lining and asked my colleague to pin the hem again now that the lining was not in the way. THEN I added the horsehair braid and hand stitched up the hem... where I noticed I had forgotten to finish my seams in my rush to finish in time to wear it to the Black Tie event ... eek

Hem was finally finished off and the dress completed on 28th November!! HORRAY!!!!!!!!! 

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