Sunday, 27 September 2015

McCalls 7026 - a "semi-fitted unlined jacket" (or possibly a cardigan???)

 No idea how I managed to make it look like one sleeve is 3" longer than the other because really they are the same length (wrong hanger, bad placement of garment on hanger, weird angle?)

Love the style lines on this garment, which I made in cheap fleece to test out the pattern before making it up again. I will need to make the following changes:

1. lengthen by at least 1" possibly 2" (it covers the models behind but barely reaches mine!... but I do have a long back so adding length is a fairly standard adjustment).... however this means that I will need LONGER ZIPS...arghhhhhh!!
 2. This was pretty fitted on me  (but I was blending between sizes - I could do with reducing the seam allowance on the sleeves to make them slightly less fitted.

2. USE THE WALKING FOOT when working with fleece!

3. Change the pockets - they are too far back - uncomfortably so. Might put a pocket into the princess seam instead.

I am going to wear it a few times before I try adjusting the pattern though.

Once that was finished it was on to a job I have been meaning to do for months... which took 30 minutes (don't they always).... a waterproof cover for the BBQ!

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