Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Henry Shirt and Paddington Bear

Back in 2012 Sewing World issued a review of "Sewing For Boys" which included a pattern from the book - the pattern was The Henry Shirt.

Since I have boys I thought it would be perfect - it has taken me 3 years to make it up, so now only my youngest fits the largest size available!

I have made quite a few shirts and they can be a quick and enjoyable project. This was the HARDEST shirt I have ever made, with some strange instructions (not sure if that is because they were reduced to fit in the magazine though)

The combined yoke/sleeve looks lovely but is very greedy on fabric. The overall shape is very boxy - made my husband think of Paddington's Duffle coat! The boxy-ness could be reduced by shaping the sides.

 I was disappointed that the collar was not a two piece collar (but not so disappointed that I bothered to redraft it!)

I used buttons and buttonholes rather than snaps (because I can never get snaps on properly AND my boys prefer real buttons).

My youngest loves it so I suppose that is all that matters!

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