Thursday, 21 May 2015

Me Made May cont

Wed 13th May

Me Made - skirt, jacket, T-shirt, underwear and socks

Thursday 14th May
Me Made running leggings/skirt, skirt, shirt, underwear and socks

Friday 15th May
Me Made Dress and underwear

Saturday 16th May - Me Made dress and underwear .. this dress is in the pile of dresses waiting to be refashioned - this was enough to confirm that I feel really frumpy wearing it - wrong pattern and fabric choice for me!

 Sunday 17th May - Me made skirt, top and jacket and underwear (and scarf) ... but forgot to take photo so just used old one!

Monday 18th May - me made Tshirt, skirt and underwear

Tuesday 19th May - Me Made top and skirt
This is the first day I wore something not me-made for general wear (the ratty old cardigan)... but I needed the comfort blanket factor that day

 Wednesday 20th May
Me made everything....

Thursady 21st May

Me made everything (recycled photo)

 The only times I have not worn something me made are when running (tops from shops) and on 19th I wore my old cardigan. I have worn my knitted cardigans lots :-)

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  1. Very nice! I really like that you're going all me-made, underwear and all. It's a very rewarding feeling, to step out knowing you made everything yourself :)