Sunday, 31 May 2015

Last Me Made May 2015

Thursday 28th May - All Me Made - underwear , Tshirt,  skirt, coat

FRiday 29th May - Me May - knitted cardigan, skirt, top (too big), underwear

Saturday 30th May Me Made Dresses for two parties!, me made underwear and cardigans

Sunday 31st May - Me made everything


I, Catherine from sign up as a participant on Me-Made-May 2015. I endeavour to wear a cardigan I have knitted at least once a week for the duration of May 2015, and refashion at least one of my dresses into skirts by the end of May. I already wear Me Made everyday but I don't wear my knitted cardigans enough and I overwear a ratty old shop bought cardigan....

1. I have worn and worn my lovely knitted cardigans, and have nearly completed knitting another one (just have the sleeves and button bands to go). I need more short sleeve /sleeveless tops / dresses to go with the short cardigans OR I need more long sleeve cardigans to go with long sleeve tops/dresses.

2. I have not refashioned ANY of my dresses into skirts, but that is because I also have not finished a dress I am working on which I want to finish before I start the "mend/alter/refashion" pile.

3. I identified several times that I do not have any relax / mooch about at the weekend clothes  - I have already made a pair of PJ bottom style trousers to fill this gap!

Looking at the above list and comparing it to my SWAP for 2015, I was on the right lines at the beginning of the year when I wrote my plan.... I need to start on sewing some long sleeve cardigan to fill that gap in my wardrobe!

SWAP - sewing with a's the plan

1. 2 sets of lingerie (one white, one coloured)
              Completed white set May 2015

2. Dress Completed Anna Dress in brown - Feb 2015

3. Dress Completed Traveler Dress  - Feb 2015

4, Knitted cardigan (actually knitting not sewing!) Cast on March 2015
5. Skirt Completed green bustle skirt- Feb 2015
6. Skirt Completed Gabriola skirt -  March 2015

7. Top Completed 3 x M4261 - March 2015

8. Top Completed 3x Kimono T-shirts - March 2015

9. Top So far 6 tops made - March 2015
10. Sewn cardigan / jacket
11. Black tie dress
12. Black tie jacket / bolero etc
13. Activewear
14. Coat

I also think that when I have completed THIS SWAP I will write a new one as it has really kept me on track and ensured I have things that work in the wardrobe.

ideas for next time - to think about again once the current SWAP is finished.

1. lingerie x2 sets
2. sleeveless dress
3. dress
4. skirt
5. skirt
6. trousers / jeans
7 trousers / jeans
8. knitted cardigan
9. top - short sleeve
10. PJ set
11 top - short sleeve
12 top -short sleeve
13 sewn cardigan / jacket
14 outfit to wear to wedding as guest
15 activewear
16. coat

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  1. Impressive! So many complete me-made outfits... I'm really pleased that you successes in wearing your gorgeous hand-knitted cardigans. I can only imagine how much cosier and softer they are than mass-produced ones. xxx