Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Gabriola 1401 Sewaholic

The Sewaholic Gabriola Skirt pattern is a dream to wear! The grey one was my test version, I then created a curved waistband for the "bird" version. The curved waistband lies closer to my body and is more comfortable. 

Stash pattern and stash fabrics :-) Great result.... 

I am all back and no legs... I took 4" off the length and then another 1" when hemming...

Best Patterns of 2012 - 2014 Template:

1. Why do you think this was voted one of the Best Patterns?
This is a VERY flattering shape - lovely skirt to wear (and to make)

2. Would you have made this pattern if it was NOT voted one of the top patterns of the year?
Yes - because I have seen it on so many blogs and it is a style I like - it  DID get pushed to the top of the queue though!

3. How did you make your version of this pattern unique?

I made two - my first was a test version in grey (suitable for work but boring AND you can't see the seam lines), the second is fully lined and I made a curved waistband. These are filling the "skirt" hole in my wardrobe. I also added ribbon hanging loops.

4. What size(s) did you make?
2 flaring out to 4 at the hips.

5. Did you find the sizing accurate compared to the measurements listed on the pattern?
Yes - I have lost a lot of weight so it was a real boost to make something in a size 2-4! (especially since I am from the UK so this was a very bizarre size for me)

6. What fabric and trims did you use? What was the source of your fabric and trims?
Grey skirt - mystery fabric is slight stretch from my mothers stash
Bird skirt - linen which has been waiting in stash for years to be made into a skirt!

7. Describe how you used the pattern instructions. Did you follow the instructions literally, did you figure out how to assemble on your own, or a combination of instructions plus own experience?
I followed the well written pattern instructions - except for the zip. I put in invisible zippers.. Hanging the skirt for 24 hours and then wearing it while a friend pinned it for me allowed me to get an accurate hem. I blind hemmed the bird skirt.

8. Describe any alterations you made and discuss whether alternations were for fit or for design.
I created a curved waistband for the second skirt (this is an adaption lots of people have done). The waistband then fit closer to my waist.

9. What did you like and what did you dislike about the pattern?
I love the fit, the construction, the feel when I wear it, the well written instructions.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... I see more in my future!
I don't like the straight waistband.

10. Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I have already sewn two and I will definitely sew more (but I have to make my way through my plan first - next stop tops to go with the new skirts!)
Yes I would recommend it!

Instead of putting the pattern away I have pinned it to my pinboard to remind myself to make it again soon!

SWAP - sewing with a's the plan

1. 2 sets of lingerie (one white, one coloured)
2. Dress Completed Anna Dress in brown - Feb 2015

3. Dress Completed Traveler Dress  - Feb 2015

4, Knitted cardigan (actually knitting not sewing!) - cast on 18/03/15!!
5. Skirt Completed green bustle skirt- Feb 2015
6. Skirt Completed Gabriola skirt -  March 2015

7. Top
8. Top
9. Top
10. Sewn cardigan / jacket
11. Black tie dress
12. Black tie jacket / bolero etc
13. Activewear
14. Coat

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