Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Lisette Traveler

 Another batch of hats :-)

Then another completed pattern getting it out of the stash.. think I might have to give the pattern away though as I really don't like the dress - not sure if it is the pattern, the fabric, the style on me or all of those - but I feel really frumpy wearing it!!

Nevermind - lots more dress patterns to try AND this will work well as a beach cover up while on holiday!

SWAP - sewing with a plan.....here's the plan

1. 2 sets of lingerie (one white, one coloured)
2. Dress Completed Anna Dress in brown - Feb 2015

3. Dress Completed Traveler Dress  - Feb 2015

4, Knitted cardigan (actually knitting not sewing!)
5. Skirt Completed green bustle skirt- Feb 2015
6. Skirt
7. Top
8. Top
9. Top
10. Sewn cardigan / jacket
11. Black tie dress
12. Black tie jacket / bolero etc
13. Activewear
14. Coat

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