Saturday, 31 January 2015

Update 2015

Running kit finished in 2014 (and used so much I have now taken them in a bit!)

Simple fleece hats - my first make of 2015  


Kwik Sew T-shirts - which have been on the go since 2014!!

2 sets of PJ's each for 3 boys.......

Ottobre 06/2009/372PJ top
Ottobre 06/2009/272PJ bottoms
Ottobre 06/2009/352PJ bottoms
Ottobre 06/2009/352PJ bottoms
Ottobre 06/2009/342PJ top
Ottobre 06/2009/341PJ top
Ottobre CW3011PJ top


  1. These are all so fantastic!! I ADORE your running gear! I wish I made more time to sew for my son... these are great.

  2. These are such awesome PJ's! I'd love to make some from my nephews aged 5 & 7 - what pattern did you use?

    1. I used Ottobre patterns - various ones depending on which size Pj's I was making.- mostly from issue 06/2009 though. Stretch jersey - warm and cozy :)