Thursday, 20 November 2014

Skorts with leggings...

A quick knit for my youngest - but I was too keen and reduced the stitches too soon so it is not big enough - time to make another one.

The best thing about the hat is the light reflective tape running through it ....
 A birthday present for a friend :-) Knit night scarf from ravelry

It is getting a little bit too cold to be running in a skort (especially at 5.30am)... so I combined McCalls 7026 and Jalie 2796 to make a running skort with leggings.

I used traced the Jalie shorts pattern over the top of the leggings to get the correct crotch lines and the height for attaching the waistband. I also traced a size 8 rather than 14 as I used 6mm seam allowances rather than 1..5cm.

 The fit is good and they are comfortable to run in - success!! (the tag in the back is to mark the back!). The tape is reflective tape. I took 4" off the bottom - though it would have been better if I had only removed 3"!!

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