Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Saga of the sports bra

First I tried using

Kwik Sew Master Pattern - Swimming and Activewear book:

Which does not have an obvious front or back. I used the scoop neck leotard pattern to make the crop top - but it is not suitable for running... not enough Compression......

Then I moved onto trying Kwik Sew 3660 which has darts in:

Also not enough compression despite using two layers of powernet

Next I tried the Jalie 2563.. hoping for success since the skort was so great! This is a racer back sports bra:

I tried using two layers of powernrt, stronger powernet and for the 2nd Jalie - sewing 1.5cm side seams not 6mm side seams... but still not enough compression. I have bought some running sports bras to wear in the mean time.. Maybe make several sizes smaller, strong powernet AND double layers????

On the back burner for now... the weather is getting cooler and sewing running capri / tights might be a better plan!!


  1. I like how you're testing various patterns to find the one that works for you!!

  2. I recommend Jan Bones Lingerie Secrets patterns for this style - they come with pattern pieces for various bra cup sizes and offer far better support. IMHO, if one is a large cup size, there is no such thing as "enough" compression and an encapsulation style sport bra is needed. Good luck in your quest and thanks for sharing your experience!