Sunday, 17 August 2014

More knicker testing and then the final results!

These dreadful looking knickers actually come from  Kwik Sew Swim & Action Wear Master Pattern book - they are the bikini bottoms - high leg version. I was just making a toile so used any jersey that came to hand. I think I would blend the pattern to between the high cut and low cut leg and reduce the height next time.....

Then I decided to get on with making a matching lingerie set. When it came to making Kwik Sew 3300 again, I thought I best remind myself what I was doing and make one first. I am SO glad I did since I last made a bra about 10 months ago.. and apparently I had forgotten how to do it. I made a complete mess of sewing it!

However the final version made from fabric from a kit from The Sewing Chest (bought in Feb!) worked really well! I even sewed on the lovely ribbon rose, so that the bra would match the knickers.

My first matching lingerie set that I am really happy with. The knickers were also made from the same kit and made using the Merckwaerdigh Mix 30 View C. I LOVE LOVE this pattern!

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