Friday, 25 July 2014

Still testing out knicker patterns...Jalie 3242

Jalie 3242 View A - very low rise (unwearable infact)

View B - high rise - much better. I also made a size larger than suggested (the view A was a little tight) BUT my fabric was not as stretchy as that suggested by the pattern so I think the pattern sizing is true.

I like the waist treatment - sew elastic on in the round, then fold over and zig zag down - making the casing. 2cm elastic at the waist and 6mm at the legs. My elastic was not as stretchy so I had to use longer pieces than suggested (hence the strange wrinkled look to one leg). This is a good pattern - good coverage. A nice basic which I will make again. However I prefer the crotch to be a separate piece so that I can get a fully enclosed seam at both ends.

Pattern Stash - July

Bag - from book
Knickers - MIX 30 - 2 views
knickers - Kwik Sew Master Lingerie
Knickers - Make Bra
Knickers - Jalie 3242
Knickers - McCalls 2772
Total 6 patterns (but only 3 for contest)


  1. looks like your pattern testing is going well. Which are your favourite so far?

    1. The MIX 30 view C pattern.... more on that later :-)