Thursday, 24 July 2014

Knickers - busting the pattern stash McCalls 2772

I ordered this pattern earlier this year so it does not count for the contest BUT it is out of my stash! I ordered a size which was several inches too small (only had sizes not measurements on the listing so I was guessing...). So I had to ignore the 1.5 cm seam allowance and use the smallest seam allowance possible.


I used FOE (if I had turned under 1.5cm there would be nothing left). I did remove the 1.5 seam allowance from the gussett though.  I have ordered a large size of this pattern as this is a nice shape and would probably better if it started out closer to my size!!


I used FOE on the legs and removed 1.5 from the edges of the gussett again. I used lingerie picot edge elastic for the waist.

This is pretty high rise, and I think when the new pattern arrives I will try view G without the waistband - which will give a rise half way between E and F.

These are just toile pairs

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