Saturday, 14 June 2014

My third Vogue 8494

Despite declaring that I did not like this pattern in 2011, this is the third time I have made this dress. I used a fun novelty print so I am not sure how often I will wear this...

After Me Made May I decided I needed more dresses... so I thought I will pattern and fabric stash.. and I decided to make a By Hand Anna (which has been in stash since January). I when into the fabric boxes in the attic and came back with this, only to realise I did not have enough fabric for an Anna.... but it was just enough for a Vogue 8494!

My mum always said that things that we make need to be put away for a month (at least) upon completion so that the next time we look at them we just love them and don't obsess over all the things we got wrong, or don't like about it......and my thoughts that I did not like the pattern when I first made it, but have then worn it loads and loads and made two more.... tend to show that I definitely need to put things in the "magic cupboard"!!

Novelty print close up - been in stash so long I have no idea when or where I got it... "Sewing Made Easy"

I also used the toile for the biketard to make some red swim trunks - not sure what I did when I threw these on the table because the legs ARE the same length! Jalie patterns.. fantastic.

Off to think up a plan for sewing the things I think I need from my Me Made May reflections now!


  1. What is the novelty print?! Enquiring minds need to know... Close up pic please! Looks a great summer dress, here's hoping for more sunny days for you to wear it in. xx

  2. I have taken a photo of the bits that were left - Sewing Made Easy? Anyway I thought it was fun for a dress.. :-)

  3. Really love the print on your dress! Good idea about putting things away, I know I focus on the faults when I wear something new!