Sunday, 11 May 2014

Swim trunks - next size up...

This is the pattern I have used before to create swim trunks. It still seems baggy at the front (but then I don't want it to be form fitting either!). This time I used zig-zag to top stitch rather than twin needle.

Ottobre 03/2009/40 now made up in three sizes. I first made this almost exactly a year ago (16th May 2013). I think I was rushing these too much and I don't think they will survive a year of use.

I might have to bite the bullet and buy some thin nude fabric for lining as these layers are a bit thick.. I am sure I will be making more so I will be able to keep refining my technique!

I forgot to check my blog notes and therefore made total pig's ear of putting in the elastic..... but the main thing is that my son loves them!

I made two pairs and used the white pair to line the orange pair (rather than sewing each double piece as one - which is what I did for the yellow pair). I don't think the two layer approach works very well - they seem to twist about.

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