Friday, 30 May 2014

McCalls 6044 - with pattern amendments

I first made this shirt about nine months ago when I stated that next time I will....
  1.  add yoke and back pleat to create more ease across the chest - this I did  (and it worked - as well as using a 1cm seam allowance not 1.5cm seam allowance for the front plackets)
  2. sew the long sleeve version nope
  3. Use David Coffin's book to use a different collar application method nope
  4. Cut the buttonhole piece on the cross grain for variety yes - but the stripes are so close they blur in the photos..made my head hurt sewing with this fabric.

The fabric was a lovely piece of cotton from the stash (actually I think it might have originally been in my mum's stash!). The fabric is lovely smooth and has a great handle :)

I do now need to redraft the collar to fit the amendments for the front plackets....that's for the next shirt....

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