Friday, 30 May 2014

Jalie 2912 Boy's / Men's Leotard as swim trunks!

I have never made up a Jalie pattern before - they are fabulous! I used Jalie 2912 to make some swim trunks. My son is between two sizes and I made the smaller one.... in a minute I shall trace off the larger on as this size is a smidge too small.  He really likes the longer length in the leg and prefers these to the Ottobre swimtrunks.

The pattern for the leotard comes in two parts which you stick/trace together. However since I was making trunks I only needed the bottom part anyway. I added 1 1/4" to the waist to allow for folding in the elastic. These are fully lined with an off-cut of tricot for bra making (I think - not really sure just some mystery stuff in the attic!).

These whip up really fast and I shall be making them in more sizes! Only three pieces - front, back, and gusset panel. Much quicker and easier to make than the Ottobre swim trunks (but then these are MUCH plainer).

Quick overlock outside leg seams, overlock gusset on, sew elastic into ring, overlock elastic onto inside of waist, sewing machine zig zag hems and waist (no elastic on legs)

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