Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Goldilocks and the three peg bags

Bag created as per pattern instructions... but "oh no this one is TOO SMALL" .......

When the pattern is increased 143% (which is A4 to A3 and the pattern comes on A4 paper).... then the hand hole is TOO BIG

Really I should have anticipated this and reduced the size of the hand hole and moved it up a little bit when I printed off the paper pattern in the scaled up size :-)  For comparision - here they are side by side (and next to my sewing machine to give a sense of scale!)

Unfortnately I am not as determined as Goldilocks and this "too big" bag will just have to do for the moment... at least all the pegs fit into it.

Pattern available from

Inspired by

The first bag is made with the bias binding around the base as per the instructions. I also used Fast-2-Fuse double sided stiff fusible interfacing for the base (as suggested by inspiration blog posts!). I used fusible volume fleece for the main body of the bag.

The second bag is made with Fase 2 Fuse for the base, the main bag/sides are interfaced with heavyweight interfacing AND fusible volume fleece. I sewed the base on right sides together and then turned the bag out. I prefer this finish.

You can see my seam finishes - but it is a peg bag so I am not fussed. The pattern has all seams enclosed or covered...

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