Sunday, 27 April 2014

Catch up post... "refashion", quick make and some knitting

I made this back in September 2013 and I have not worn it since I made it because the sleeves / cuffs were just TOO much, not at all practical! A fact I noticed the moment I finished making it, even so it has taken me 8 months to chop off the sleeves! So getting ready for Me Made May 2014 I decided it HAD to be done so DONE!

Next up was a "Italian Day" at school, when my 7 year old asked if I could please make him some green trousers... to the rescue Simplicity 4816, white fabric , green dye and the wee hours of the night/morning! (even has pockets)

Then I have some knitting on the go... I cast on a-little-bit-bohemian (free from Ravelry) to test out the pattern and make a scarf for myself, then I realised I needed a present ... so cast on a second one...which I am planning on making wider than the pattern suggests.

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