Saturday, 8 March 2014

Update for progress feb 2014

I have bought several more patterns BUT not made any new ones in feb :(
I had a coat break while making grey school trousers and swimming trunks (all from stash)
I also bought some more yarn!!
The coat has progressed and I have started the lining ....

Not the best progress...

SO my goals for 2014 are:
1. Complete green coat AND then make a second coat to reinforce all the new skills learnt.
2. Sew / Knit at least 8 things  from the book/ magazine stash
3. Adapt the shirt pattern to get a better fit for J
4. Lingerie - test knicker patterns and then make at least 2 sets

My top "throw it into the ring" goal will be coat making........
All of these are based around using up what I have

1. Working on the green coat - slowly!
2. Nothing :(
3. Nothing
4. Nothing :(

On track to complete the coat in march and then start some other goals....

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