Sunday, 2 February 2014

New Look 6935

 While working on my M5525 during January, which was cut out LAST February.., I realised that my eldest needed new school trousers. So I cut out 4 pairs ... then I ALSO realised that I needed a dress for an evening meal / Award night. So I started New Look 6935.

While in the process of all this.... my sewing machine suddenly spewed smoke out of the tops and sides.... So my wonderful husband took the machine apart:

OOOPHS! So 4 pairs of unfinished trousers, one unfinished coat, one unfinished dress and one unfinshed bolero...... I had to drive to my mothers (80 miles) and use her machine to finish my dress but I did not have time to finish the bolero before the meal.

When we got back from our weekend away, the parts for the sewing machine had arrived and my super wonderful husband soldered them in... and now I have a working machine again... did I mention my husband is wonderful.... so all fixed for £30 :-)

So now a finished bolero to go with the dress.

This is exactly what is on the pattern envelope (well apart from the fabric choices!) - Dress B with bolero D over the top...

I LOVE this pattern and can't believe more people have not made it. On pattern review there are hardly any reviews... but it whips up quickly, is flattering and lovely to wear. I will make more! What other treasures do I have sitting in the pattern stash which I have not tried yet???

 Pattern and fabrics from stash.

Then a quick drawstring bag for some ear defenders before getting on with those  4 pairs of grey school trousers!

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