Sunday, 29 December 2013

To Do list for 2014 - Sewlutions / Knitolutions / Resolutions or GOALS

I have been thinking about my "To Do" list for 2014. I have spent lots of time thinking about it - probably should have bee sewing or knitting instead...

I did not do especially well in 2013 - I made 2 main Sewlutions with "Did You Make That". I really wanted to get my coat made - but I was nervous and kept putting it off - even though I have made a wool coat before!

The swimming costume did not get made - but I have not been swimming for years so I don't think that matters.


1. Make some lingerie - completed
2. Master the pants / knickers making - completed.
3. Make a coat from my Green Christmas present fabric - work in progress!!
4. Make 5 stash patterns completed - made 10!
5. Complete a sewalong properly! - completed
6. Sew a swimming costume - made 1 for L and one for J (which needs to be redone)
Jar of Doom....
I have 2 things I want to do:
1. make a lingerie set (bra and knickers)… that I am actually happy with - completed
2. Make a coat using the fabric I was given for Christmas….- work in progress

2012 To Do List -
wanted to sew with a plan.....

So for 2014 the more I thought the more I realised that I wanted to:
1. Sew from stash - reduce the stash by 2 boxes!
2. Knit from stash
3. Use stash patterns
4. Use patterns from books and magazines from stash
5. Complete my green coat

Then I thought about the other things I wanted to do:
Lingerie - sewing a variety of different knickers patterns
Lingerie - making matching sets (2 knickers to each bra)
Sew the crafty class dress
Perfect a shirt pattern for my husband.

I thought about the pattern review contests:
Mini wardrobe
Pattern Stash
Fabric Stash
Vintage pattern

SO my goals for 2014 are:

1. Complete green coat AND then make a second coat to reinforce all the new skills learnt.
2. Sew / Knit at least 8 things  from the book/ magazine stash
3. Adapt the shirt pattern to get a better fit for J
4. Lingerie - test knicker patterns and then make at least 2 sets

My top "throw it into the ring" goal will be coat making........
All of these are based around using up what I have

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