Monday, 18 November 2013

Vogue Skirt

I first made this skirt in June 2010 and it was my first pattern review too (see here)

In August 2010 I made this one finishing by saying I wanted to make a wool version.... I finally have. I used the left over wool felt from this bodywarmer. I had bought the fabric to make a coat for L, but he wanted a bodywarmer and his Grandma had bought him a lovely coat. So there was plenty left over for me to use. I made view "A" the shorter version.  The fabric is a little stiff to drape properly, but I still really like it  - and the fabric is out of the stash!

I think I will now make another view B with some grey wool fabric I have (assuming this does not take me 3 years to get around to doing!!)

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