Saturday, 23 November 2013


After spending Friday helping someone to make a bra, I was inspired to make some more for me! This one has been waiting for ages - for several months a pair of matching knickers has been sat in the box awaiting some elastic  ... which I finally ordered today. I also cut this bra out yesterday and sewed it up today. While sewing I was sort-of playing with play-doh with my 4 year old... so I managed to forget to sew some of the elastic on - so I had to fudge that and sewing it on a bit later...

The next one is half made and waiting for a) some more sewing and b) bra straps!

I also went through my "lingerie and swimming supplies" box and made up 3 complete "kits" for sewing this bra. Now I can just reach into the box and whip up a few more bras without having to think about it. I will need more elastic before I can make more kits up (plenty of fabric though!!!)

STILL have not made my coat - which is what I claimed I was going to when I finished my last bra!

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