Sunday, 1 September 2013


GOALS: Pattern Review contests for 2013. I would like to enter :

One pattern many looks - I think I missed this one - but I was sewing bras and using patterns..
Pattern Stash - Entered 6 items from 4 patterns - so a sucess!
Fabric Stash (1st June) - Sewed over 20m - a sucess
Sewing For Children (1st August) - only one pair of shorts - but still it got done!
Mini Wardribe (1st Sept) - working on this one (planned - starting tomorrow on a skirt)
Lined Jacket (1st Oct)
Vintage Pattern (1st Nov)


  1. That is one serious list of sewing goals! I often come up with a small list, but can never seem to stick to it. I do like the sound of the current Mini Wardrobe, though. Off to have a peek around your blog...J

  2. The HUGE list was to encourage me to use some stash patterns and fabric - I am really trying to reduce the amount I have... but I seem to have been buying knitting wool instead!!